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"l'écossais" (!) C'est une langue d'Ecosse. Ils avant deux.

It is ONE/a language of Scotland, they have TWO.

Scotland, in fact, has three languages (English, Scots, and Gaelic). In theory, Scots is called "Scots" and Gaelic is called "Écôssais" in Jèrriais, I presume this is the same in Cotentin. It is unsurprising that some Norman (or French) speakers would call Scots "l'écossais", however, as this would be the most natural translation of the name "Scots" ("gaélique" seems underused in French; I don't know about in Norman). This usage should not be considered offensive; to say that Scots is sometimes called "l'écossais" does not imply it is the only Scottish language any more than its English name (Scots) does. Lé C'valyi d'Jade 07:41, 26 August 2006 (UTC)