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Translation request[modifier le wikicode]

Hello! May I ask you for a translation of the phrase Automatic refresh (Actualisation automatique) into Nouormand? Thanks -XQV- (discussion) 20 de juin 2018 à 21:08 (UTC)

Boujouo ! The phrase is Rafreîchiment âotomatique in Norman ! Don’t hesitate to ask for further translations, it would be a pleasure to do some more of it ! Stardsen (discussion) 20 de juin 2018 à 22:53 (UTC)
Great thanks! Well, I'm also collecting another translation here, I'd be glad if you could add Norman. In general I collect translations and make them for Dev Wiki, where many languages are missing, especially Norman. If you were interested in translating to Norman there, you can register and then visit this page. :) Have a nice day! -XQV- (discussion) 21 de juin 2018 à 09:25 (UTC)
Yes of course I can add Norman ! Thank you for telling me !--Stardsen (discussion) 21 de juin 2018 à 13:24 (UTC)

Translation request for Dev Wiki[modifier le wikicode]

Hi! Me and some users from Dev wiki created lots of translatable pages for scripts that are being used across the whole FANDOM. As FANDOM is a multilingual website, we are looking for translations for those scripts. Would you mind helping us with adding Nouormand and français? I know that there are many scripts to translate, and I will understand if you reject, however there are also lots of very short scripts that can be done in a minute or even less. Any help with translations is welcome. If you decide to help us, please translate exactly as the English text says, and if you have any questions or problems - don't hestitate to ask me.

Great thanks, -XQV- (discussion) 19 de juilet 2018 à 20:40 (UTC)

Flower of the month[modifier le wikicode]

grand' mauve

Hi Stardsen

For your huge efforts on Viqùipédie ès Normaunds (and also on Picard Wikipédia) I want to present you the Flower of the month.

Best regards, --Holder (discussion) 1 d'avri 2019 à 17:25 (UTC)